Another show you’ll want to see with an empty bladder!

We are SO proud to announce the cast of the new play from Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Taking the stage this August in Christopher Durang’s outrageous comedy “Baby with the Bathwater” ….

Jacki Dietz as Helen, baby’s easily-overwhelmed mama.
Dan Fritz as John, baby’s ineffectual but well-meaning papa.
Tammy Zinkhon Hyde as Nanny (but NOT Super-Nanny!)
Lauren Syverson as Cynthia, a woman with no baby but a full dog.
Patrice Rittenhouse as Miss Pringle, baby’s concerned teacher.
Ellen Fox as Mrs Willoughby, baby’s enlightened principal.
Linda Alexander-Radak and Bridget Bazzinotti as concerned parents who’d think twice before joining baby’s play group.
David Bowen doing the counseling.
Robin Wilson as Susan, saving the day.
And Roman Feemster, as baby.

Thank you to these fine people, and take heed, August at the Howland will be another show you’ll want to see with an empty bladder.

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