The baby arrives August 16!


The baby was conceived a couple months ago when I broke my cardinal rule of never doing summer shows. Normally I love outdoor activities that nice weather permits, so I eschew spending my time inside a theatre during the summer months. But after a cold and rainy Spring that screwed up my gardening and landscaping plans and the promise of an unusually wet Summer, I thought, \”Well why not? If I\’m stuck inside anyway–!\” and decided to reunite those I could from the Sordid Lives ensemble to bring another raucous comedy to the Kathleen Howland. And so with the help of some of the finest talent and nicest people I\’ve worked with, the baby began to grow.

I can\’t tell you how much I enjoy this process of combining different abilities and perspectives, exploring characterization, and seeing genius come to light. I don\’t think there is any artistic effort I love so much as directing, not because they all do what I say, but because I get to see them all support and complement each other. I get to be the catalyst. What an honor.

So we\’re making a baby. Right now we can hear its heart beating strong and it\’s beginning to kick like a mule. And this is going to be ONE FUNNY BABY!! Next week in rehearsal we give it some more room and it\’s going to start swinging. And when it arrives, I promise, spending the evening exercising your laugh muscles is an evening of PRIMO theatre! You\’ll be glad you did!

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