Ballor’s Back and Gilda’s Got Him!

I am SO PLEASED to finally announce: Gilda Shedstecker Presents! SCREWTAPE starring James Ballor as the irascible old demon himself!

This show has literally been 30 years in the making, as I first read James Forsyth’s adaptation of CS Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters when I was directing Ballor in Arsenic and Old Lace for Carnation City Players somewhere around 1984. I immediately put it on my list of plays to direct. Obstacles come and go, schedules ebb and flow, and my intent to stage this one has been on a back burner ever since. But it has always been my dream to do the show with Ballor in the title role, so I’m thrilled that this aspect is part and parcel to crossing this one off my bucket list.

GSP! first scheduled Screwtape last fall but obtaining the performance rights was stalled by the CS Lewis Foundation when it appeared as though progress was being made on the Screwtape film, which has been in production since the success of 2005’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We’ve been working to obtain the rights since then, and finally got the green light for our production coming in April. So part and parcel to crossing this one off my bucket list complete is the availability of the remarkable Jim Ballor to play the demon for me. I’M ECSTATIC!!

The cast includes Shedstecker stalwarts Manuel Halkias as Screwtape’s nephew Wormwood, Jaclynn Dietz as Slumtrimpet, the demon of Lust (worth the price of a ticket, right there!), Benjamin Seeley as Mike, Wormwood’s human assignment upon whose corruption rests the hellacious fate of the demons! Also Kitty Deames Burgett, David Bowen, Roman Feemster, Scotland Gallo, Dan Fritz, and Bridget Bazzinotti. And we are thrilled to welcome new meat – I mean, new comer – Amanda Larkin!

People have already been calling for tickets and we’re just starting rehearsals. It’s on FIRE, but in such a delicious way. Can’t think of a better group of people to make this dream come true!! So come see SCREWTAPE in April!

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