Abraham Lincoln did WHAT??


I\’m so excited to be working on the next bold show from Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Coming in February 2015 just in time for Presidents Day: Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party!

Of course if it\’s in GSP\’s main line up, you can expect it to be wicked funny. Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party by Aaron Loeb is not a musical, although people do dance, and that title belies the serious premise of the show.

In Menard County, Illinois, birthplace to Honest Abe, a teacher is fired because her Christmas pageant includes references to the private lives of several U.S. Presidents. The resulting law suit becomes a media firestorm as the prosecuting attorney in the case is a retired politician who sees the publicity as a springboard to make a bid for the Governor\’s seat, running against his protégé. A Pulitzer prize seeking reporter is on hand to cover the story and falls for the homophobic DA\’s closeted son! The ensuing scandal leads to protests, blackmail, and murder! And of course, laughs galore!

See, at GSP! we do it because it\’s funny, because we love to laugh, because we love to make you laugh, and because through the laughter, it has something to say. Especially with the the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on November 6th against the freedom to marry, our next scheduled production becomes even more timely. Because Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party is ultimately about freedom, a concept totally representative of America\’s 16th President: the freedom of all Americans to live without fear, without persecution, and to live with the same rights enjoyed by all.

Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party runs February 20, 21, 27 and 28 2015 at the Kathleen Howland Theatre in beautiful downtown Canton Ohio and is just the thing for a frosty February night, once these present holiday festivities have become memories. And what about Miss Harmony teaching her young students that Abraham Lincoln was GAY?? We\’ll leave that discussion for another post.


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