Because it\’s Abe Lincoln or because it\’s gay?


All right, now. And the knee jerks. Let\’s calm down, people!

The question has been asked, how dare we besmirch the inviolable name of everyone\’s beloved Abraham Lincoln?!

I\’m referring, of course, to the title of the next Gilda Shedstecker Presents! show coming in February. It seems offense is taken based on the idea that Abraham Lincoln might be associated in some way with a Big Gay Dance Party. And because it\’s \”Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party,\” the implication may be that it is Abe\’s experience with a Big Gay Dance Party, OR it may be that Abe is throwing (i.e. taking possession of) the Big Gay Dance Party…

So what is it about a Big Gay Dance Party that invites scandal if associated with the revered Abraham Lincoln? Would it be shocking if it was \”Bill Clinton\’s Big Gay Dance Party?\” Or indeed, \”James Buchanan\’s Big Gay Dance Party,\” since Buchanan is validly credited as the first gay US President, although history\’s authors ignored that elephant for 150 years. What is the connection between Abraham Lincoln and a Big Gay Dance Party that threatens to taint, dishonor, or tarnish Lincoln\’s good name?

I think I\’m offended that someone is of the opinion that it besmirches Abraham Lincoln\’s name to be associated with a Big Gay Dance Party.

See where this is going?

Because the point of the play is not whether Mr. Lincoln was gay. It\’s about civil rights here and now.

Honestly, Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party is a provocative look at political maneuvering and media sensationalism in the midst of a hotbed controversial topic. It\’s utterly American! And hence the author of the play, Aaron Loeb, thought the title was utterly appropriate. AND! it\’s laugh out loud funny, too, of course, since it\’s from Doug Tennant and Gilda Shedstecker Presents! And don\’t be at all surprised if it has a man in his underwear and a boy in a dress.

It also has an outstanding cast! We are ever so glad to announce that Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party will feature GSP! stalwarts Dan Fritz, Jacki Dietz, Benjamin Seeley, Patrice Rittenhouse, and Tammy Zinkhon Hyde. And joining us in raucous dramatic spectacle are new players Jimmy Ferko and Tiffeny Brown, and it\’s been a very long time, Stephon Harris! Herding cats as stage manager is the devastatingly lovely David Bowen. Choreography by the lithe and patient Robin Wilson.

Abraham Lincoln\’s Big Gay Dance Party runs February 20, 21, 27, and 28 at 8:00pm at the Kathleen Howland Theatre. And no, it\’s not suitable for children: not because it\’s gay, but because basically nothing from the irreverent Gilda Shedstecker Presents! is suitable for children.

Ohhhh my. You ain\’t seen nothin\’ yet!!

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