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It\’s nearly become a tradition in a production of Gilda Shedstecker Presents! since our very first show. There\’s one role that struggles to be filled. In \”Confessions from the Ladies Room\” it was Rachel\’s gay porn star husband that was finally (and so ably) filled by Jeff Rohr. In \”Sordid Lives\” it was the part of Ty that bounced between several actors before showcasing Craig May in those beautiful monologues. Just recently it was Diane in \”Sister Mary\” that was regretfully passed over by a number of wonderful busy local actresses before being rescued by Jacki Dietz.

And so it\’s been in our current production of \”Fallen Angels,\” which opens June 19. The role of Willy has stubbornly been reluctant to assign itself to an actor until now, when I\’m so glad to say Brad Vincent has joined our cast. I first met Brad mumble mumble years ago at the Firehouse Theatre\’s production of \”Annie\” when Brad sacrificially shaved his head to play Daddy Warbucks, and then directed him in a Halloween comedy of the Frankenstein legend. How styles have changed since then!

And so with complete and final cast, in the throes of creating delightful, witty, classic comedy without a man in his underwear, a boy in a dress, or so much as a single \’mo in sight (which is rather ground-breaking for GSP!), we hope you join us for this rollicking Noel Coward comedy of the Roaring Twenties! Because it\’s stylish and sophisticated, it\’s for our most discerning audience! You can get tickets here. See you at the Kathleen Howland Theatre at 2nd April!

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