No haters in Doug\’s World!


Yesterday the Supreme Court made marriage equality a mandatory right for every citizen in all 50 states. There was of course a lot of celebrating! And I\’m happy to say in my world there was not one word spoken in dissent or hate throughout. Not because I don\’t have a lot of friends and loved ones. I do. But because in my world after 50 years I\’ve culled those who choose to be hateful and negative.

I have people who do not share the same beliefs, but they are loving people who realize that they have no right to impose those beliefs on others. They are also caring people who will never pass by someone in need, who will serve and be kind to anyone who is hurt or injured. They have their own battles to fight with passion, on behalf of children with special needs or of different color. They know and practice one of the great laws: to treat another as you want to be treated, or to love your neighbor as yourself.

It\’s OK to be silent when your scruples will not allow you to agree. It\’s OK to respectfully say you disagree and leave it at that, or even offer an educated opinion if someone expresses interest. I appreciate and admire your security in not needing to be \”right,\” to outshout the opposition. And this is why we can have different beliefs and still be friends. I\’m proud to know you and glad you made the cut.

There may come a day when you are fighting a battle my beliefs will not allow me to support. I will try at that time to expand my knowledge and understanding of your position, to put myself in your place and challenge my beliefs to change and grow. And if they don\’t, I will still love you and care when you grieve, are in pain, or are injured. To be as kind as you have been. To still offer a hand and shoulder when I can\’t lend my voice. To earn, as you have, \”Well done, good and faithful servant.\”

Back to the party!

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