The Lightbearer in July from GSP!


The Lightbearers is a ladies group of the First United Methodist Church, and for a lifetime of friendship they\’re the ones who know anybody who knows anything about everything. They know what the Bible says, have opinions on what the Bible ought to say, and that in the end it\’s all about love.

The Lightbearer by Shane Riggs takes a look at the years that have forged those friendships, how they blossomed and grew, at the secrets they kept and the bonds they tied. Featuring the marvelous ensemble cast of Linda Alexander-Radak, Kitty Deames Burgett, Cynthia Gribble, Ellen Fox, and Kathy J. Boyd, with Manuel Halkias, their story is warm, sweet, sassy, brassy, full of laughter and tears.

One of Canton\’s favorite shows, The Lightbearer runs at the Kathleen Howland Theatre July 17, 18, 24, and 25. All performances are 8:00 pm. Tickets on sale soon!

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