On Being a Writer

I’ve been a writer and editor nearly my whole life. Like Wonderland’s Alice, my very favorite phrase has always been, “Let’s pretend!” I wrote and directed my first play for my 4th grade class, something about a band of green-skinned aliens, as I recall.

I excelled at writing all through school, winning the Creative Writing Award my Senior year when I didn’t even know there was such an award, or that I was being considered for it. I went on to write lesson plans, newsletter articles, technical manuals, comic strips, as my career required. And all the while, I was still compiling bits of my first love, fiction.

Now, I write as an artist. I’m astounded to find I have over 1300 subscribers to my blog, where I give my thoughts and musings over to my keyboard and fling them across the internet. Go figure! Essays are whatever is in my brain pan. Those are fertilizer for other works, and I am full of fertilizer!

I’m a member of the Dramatist Guild of America, with a number of plays under my belt and in the works, including Hell, with the Holidays; Go On With Your Wind: a parody in Scarlet; The Scrummy Bits of SoFonda LeFey; and The Third Mother. I fall in love with my plays as I write them, and our relationship grows in inexplicable ways. My best outlines end up mere guesses as to what actually occurs by the end. I love it.

That’s how life should be. You make your plans, but don’t strap yourself to them to spite yourself, or to serve someone else. Be flexible. Say yes when you think you shouldn’t, and no when you don’t want to say yes. And be surprised at the twists and turns that lead you to the end. And then keep writing. It is an epic, after all.


Grey Forge LeFey

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