By popular request

These days I\’m familiar with more and more people who are seeking less preacher-centric relationships with their Higher Power. I\’m one of those people as well. In my past I held offices in churches, studied to be an elder, served on committees, and directed choirs, but like so many others, I became dissatisfied with an

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Bring in the new!

Transitions. Out with the old, in with the new. Standing on a precipice, ready to cross a threshold, but don\’t step timidly, LEAP! Think about it. You step and expect to find solid ground, and you\’re thrown off balance and begin to plummet when your foot is met with empty air. There is nothing pleasant

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All my life’s a circle

This will at least weed out the big Harry Chapin fans among you. Life takes us where we allow it, with the choices we make along the way. Sometimes we coast on the stream and allow others to make the choices, often we make choices as a compromise or jointly, but sometimes we make the

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