gay rights

Only one David Bowen

If you\’re lucky in this life you become friends with someone like David Bowen. He liked to appear crusty and was a bit of a curmudgeon (so naturally we had that in common) but his first response to everyone was kindness and an offering of generosity. He was funny, creative, smart, and brave. And then, […]

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In the wake of a new era

We wake to a new day and new information and find we need to reassess our position. It\’s always been my intent to make the Gilda company one of kindness and acceptance and tolerance and a safe place. And it\’s been my need to make Gilda shows vehicles for escape and laughter, with maybe a

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A Page from Miss Jacki\’s Book

Getting personal here for a moment. Yes, I\’ve been a people pleaser most of my life. I\’ve been in advertising and marketing where the focus is to appeal to the broadest audience, and that\’s a hard habit to break. I like having people be happy. But putting the focus on trying to please strangers is

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