Sordid Lives

Only one David Bowen

If you\’re lucky in this life you become friends with someone like David Bowen. He liked to appear crusty and was a bit of a curmudgeon (so naturally we had that in common) but his first response to everyone was kindness and an offering of generosity. He was funny, creative, smart, and brave. And then, […]

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A Page from Miss Jacki\’s Book

Getting personal here for a moment. Yes, I\’ve been a people pleaser most of my life. I\’ve been in advertising and marketing where the focus is to appeal to the broadest audience, and that\’s a hard habit to break. I like having people be happy. But putting the focus on trying to please strangers is

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Curtain up!

Welcome to the new web site for Gilda Shedstecker Presents! I\’m so excited to introduce this site as a \”coming of age\” for GSP! Our first production of Confessions from the Ladies Room by Shane Riggs in 2012 was more of a project, a singular play I really, really wanted to direct, and with the

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