Grey Forge LeFey

Grey’s plays Hell, with the Holidays and Go On With Your Wind are both available on Amazon in print. Epub versions are available

Grey Forge LeFey
Hell, with the Holidays by Grey Forge LeFey

Hell, with the Holidays

Every family has its challenges when gathering for the holidays, but what happens when the family members are the personifications of the holidays themselves? Halloween is a ruthless business woman, Easter has a savior complex, Christmas has PTSD, and there are so many more! It’s the house full of dysfunctional relatives everybody can relate to, on a mythic level. And who invited Krampus?

Hell, with the Holidays by Grey Forge LeFey

Go On With Your Wind

In this side-splitting stage parody of the cinematic classic, Gone with the Wind, Spoilitt O’Hairy is torn between a fantasy relationship with ineffectual Freshly Wilted and her heart’s tumultuous desire for scoundrel Thrett Cutlet. Along with Melancholy Cameltoe, Aunt FlippyFlop, Mamsy, and an incomparable cast of characters, the complete 4 hour movie plot is skewered in an abridged 2 Act play.

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Reader’s Thoughts

Mr. LeFey has delivered on his title, “Hell, With the Holidays.” And those of us reading this play couldn’t be happier. It takes a deft touch to bring conceptual material alive and give it feet, heart and personality. I found myself reviewing my own yearly calendar of holiday, holy day and family gatherings. What a delightful ensemble arrives at the North Pole. Quick bar the door or maybe revel in the power struggles as the holidays collide, collude and in the end do what every holiday is meant to do – define the nature of our very humanity in bold relief and celebration.

What a clever man Mr. LeFey is. He writes with both color and elan, and from his words emerge characters with character – holidays with true possibility and a renewed sense of the meaning and value of family. I was smiling from the first page and in my mind’s eye I joined a grand assembly of actors on a dynamic stage. It was sublime.

Sam K

What a delightful play, but don’t let its whimsy fool you, not for a second. LeFey’s characters are rich with personality, biting wit, intelligence, comic delivery and dysfunction galore. I laughed out loud several times. But again, don’t let the laughter drown out the sound of your very own consciousness as it is exposed through the characters, deftly handled in the hands of this talented playwright. Internal Family Systems, a theory of mind developed by Richard Schwartz, discusses the mind in terms of parts. The Disney Pixar film Inside Out illustrates the different parts of a little girl’s brain through the characters of her different emotions. LeFey, in this beautifully written play, also addresses the archetypes that exist for each of us. I promise you; you will find a character with whom you will identify; perhaps you will identify with a piece of each of them. I was wholly engrossed as I read Hell, With the Holidays. The play is intelligent, sardonic, sweet, and has just the right amount of family snark to make it believable.

Sherrie C

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