Yes, actually, I AM a Girlyman

Buck, our Honda Element, wouldn\’t start one day last week so I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed a few tools, and got my hands greasy. A few minutes later he was purring in the drive, so I came in, put things away, washed my hands, and touched up my eye liner. See what I did […]

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Grey Forge LeFey's Go On With Your Wind

What a feeling!

So I\’m working on a revision of the stage parody we produced 2 years ago, Go On With Your Wind. It was a huge undertaking and a ton of fun, but the show clocked at a good 3+ hours. It needs tightened and trimmed, but I was told by an objective someone whose opinion I

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Well, I didn\’t mean THAT!

When I was a kid I adored my oldest brother Tim and his wife Sue. They married when he was in the Navy serving in \’Nam and she lived with my family for a year until he was discharged. It was like magically gaining another adult sister, and I\’ve always loved her just that way,

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