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I absolutely love sketch comedy, having come of age in the heyday (who says heyday except old people? sheesh!) of SNL and SCTV. It\’s not like my generation created the concept, but we sure took it to late night television and ran with it!

Great sketch comedy is all about the ensemble, the contributions made by a diversely talented band of players, working together, adding spice to the the recipe, and all with one goal: to make \’em laugh! Someone in the cast creates a memorable character with quirks and warts, and the other players rally and build the world in which that character lives. The result is hilarity as an unlikely scenario becomes more real, a look into a warped window where we recognize our own confusion and fears.

Such is the climate at the Kathleen Howland Theater as Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Harry\’s Hotter at Twilight by Jonathan Dorf. Dorf has supplied us with a credible script asking, \”What if Twilight met Harry Potter?\” which provides the framework of a plot. But Dorf has given his blessing to take that script and make it our own, and it\’s no holds barred as our players skewer and shake the foundations of JK Rowling\’s favorite son and Stephanie Meyers\’s vamps and wolfies. Happy Halloween!! Oh yeah.

From the stable and seasoned pro (Phil Hartman) to the upstart loose cannon (Eddie Murphy) to the biting beauty who takes no prisoners (Nicole Sullivan), sketch comedy has something for everyone and is flexible putty to fill the corners. Such is the cast GSP! is delighted to unleash. A true ensemble, each adding their own ideas and notions, not afraid to offer suggestions to each other and willing to attempt ANYTHING for a laugh, Harry\’s Hotter at Twilight is another drop in the my bucket list. I cannot tell you how deeply I am affected to have the unfettered cooperation and trust of such talented friends: Tammy Zinkhon Hyde, Ellen Fox, Jacki Dietz, Patrice Rittenhouse, Roman Feemster, Holly Barstow-Riley, Jeff Rohr, Brian Dawson, Manuel Halkias, Ben Seeley, Kitty Deames Burgett, and possibly Dana Marshall (wink, wink). It has to be seen to be believed. Thanks to Linda Alexander-Radak, stage manager with a hammer, to help make it real.

Opening Friday, October 18 at 8:00 pm , running October 19 – 8:00 pm, 20 – 3:00 pm and October 26 at 8:00 pm. There is a special MIDNIGHT PERFORMANCE on Friday, October 25. when you can come in costume and try for a prize! Tickets are $10 and available online at 2nd April or by calling 330-451-0924.

It\’s about Twilight, and Harry Potter. This show sucks, and is magically delicious!

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