Hell with the Holidays


Ah, it\’s that time of year: the often trying occasion of getting together with family to celebrate the holidays! With the accumulating pressures of decorating, shopping, and planning, who has the energy left to endure yet another assemblage of those people who are by accidents of birth, relatives.

Welcome to Christmas with the Holiday family! And how much worse might it be when all the members of the family are the actual incarnations of seasons and holidays themselves?

Father Christmas is having a really tough time this year, and it\’s up to his sisters and brothers to stage an intervention to snap him out of his depression. It seems as though everyone wants something from him, though, from his sardonic Halloween sister to his licentious Valentine\’s Day brother. Easter believes she has solutions and Mardis Gras drops in to party — and the only hope is to avoid interference from Mama herself!

Doug Tennant is directing the premier of this new comedy fable featuring Gilda Shedstecker talent Roman Feemster, Ellen Fox, Linda Alexander-Radak, Dan Fritz, Manuel Halkias, Haggy Hageman, Patrice Rittenhouse, Michael Burkhardt, and welcoming new addition James Dreussi! Stage manager is Tawny Plumley Burkhardt.

Recommended for adult audiences, Hell for the Holidays provides a welcome evening of laughter and merriment for those seeking a reprieve from the kids\’ fare of Rudolph and Frosty, and an alternative to Christmas Carols and Best Pageants. More tugs at your yule-tide holiday memories than you can shake a candy cane at, the show runs December 11, 12, 18 and 19, all performances at 8:00. Tickets can be purchased online at secondapril.org or by calling 330-451-0924.

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