Yes, actually, I AM a Girlyman

Buck, our Honda Element, wouldn\’t start one day last week so I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed a few tools, and got my hands greasy. A few minutes later he was purring in the drive, so I came in, put things away, washed my hands, and touched up my eye liner. See what I did […]

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Edward F. Sylvia

I believe God’s a Keebler elf.

No, not really, but it got your attention, didn’t it? So, a couple of my posts on the Facebook in which I criticize taking scriptural verses out of context prompted a friend to ask, “So what do you believe, Grey?” And the actor in me read this question multiple times, changing the emphasis and giving

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No haters in Doug\’s World!

Yesterday the Supreme Court made marriage equality a mandatory right for every citizen in all 50 states. There was of course a lot of celebrating! And I\’m happy to say in my world there was not one word spoken in dissent or hate throughout. Not because I don\’t have a lot of friends and loved

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By popular request

These days I\’m familiar with more and more people who are seeking less preacher-centric relationships with their Higher Power. I\’m one of those people as well. In my past I held offices in churches, studied to be an elder, served on committees, and directed choirs, but like so many others, I became dissatisfied with an

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