On the inside

I wish I was an old man, my days all lived behind me.Mistakes all made, my dreams gone gray, no long sighs left to sigh.For if I was an old man, my trials would soon be over.I\’d burn this hoe, and these sack clothes, and spread my wings and fly. For half a generation now […]

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Curtain up!

Welcome to the new web site for Gilda Shedstecker Presents! I\’m so excited to introduce this site as a \”coming of age\” for GSP! Our first production of Confessions from the Ladies Room by Shane Riggs in 2012 was more of a project, a singular play I really, really wanted to direct, and with the

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When God Left the Building

When I was a kid at Minerva Elementary (known then as Mary Irene Day Elementary), they took God out of the school, and I never noticed. Because you know, it wasn\’t like they dragged him kicking and screaming from the building. He wasn\’t even sternly escorted by Mr. Jenkins, our principal, who in those days

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