On the inside


I wish I was an old man, my days all lived behind me.
Mistakes all made, my dreams gone gray, no long sighs left to sigh.
For if I was an old man, my trials would soon be over.
I\’d burn this hoe, and these sack clothes, and spread my wings and fly.

For half a generation now I\’ve tried to ease your sorrow
You always cry for days gone by, a life lived long ago
But what moment were you happy then, that I cannot remember?
The pain you bear is the crown you wear, That\’s the you I know.

I thought that when the world was new, I\’d be an oak tree, strong and true,
Back then I didn\’t know my own true name.
The song I loved you took from me, began to cry, said \”Leave me be\”
And chasing ghosts was what our years became.

I know that this has never been the life that dreams were made of
I know the man I\’ve failed to be, no matter how I tried
But I believe that you can live the life that you were made for
With grace to be redeemed and free, just trust the changing tide.

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